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Before you start on your journey simply fill out and send in the form that can be found in the "Looking Glass" link. This information will be added to the "Rabbit Hole" which, coincidentally, is your next step. From this place you can seek out the "White Rabbit" that fits your journey as well as become a guide yourself. . .

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NOTICE to all "White Rabbits"!!!
The forms you send in will be 'published' to the blog when the site allows. ALL forms are copied (exactly!) to a list that can be found under the link 'Down the Rabbit Hole' and will be in (English) alphabetical order by usernames. All usernames have been linked so you can simply click on them. Good luck!

Aug 27


Send me your art work through the SUBMIT of White Rabbits and I will post them as the background theme of the blog for a full day every Friday.
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Send me your art work through the SUBMIT of White Rabbits and I will post them as the background theme of the blog for a full day every Friday.

(banner courtesy of aussiekat)

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Aug 26


We were originally just going to donate, but we were properly nominated, so we did it.

Aug 23
  • Native Speaker: British English
  • Wants to Learn: German
  • Can Speak A Little: Spanish (extremely poor), German (a lot better but nowhere near fluent or conversational)
  • Country: England
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Mid to late teens. I would need to be paired with another teenager to feel comfortable with this

Aug 15


i wouldnt mind either! a native speaker could teach me or i could just have a study/practice buddy!
Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. If they are also learning the language then they honestly have no right to be teaching me but I would absolutely love someone to learn and share with. This is why I would like a native speaker to teach/guide me through the language and even the culture so that I know I’m getting it right. No matter who it is I would welcome anyone to share with me but only someone who knows to teach me.

Aug 14

Anonymous said: I'm curious: when people are searching for someone to help them learn a language, are they looking for a native speaker or someone who is also learning/knows their target language?

Honestly I do not know. I constantly post questions asking people how they are doing and if they’re even able to find anyone and not 1 has EVER asked in the 8 months this has been going. I am running this blog completely blind for 100% lack of feedback. I truly wish I could answer this but I have nothing to go on. Can anyone help out on this one?! For me, personally, I would like a native speaker as an actual teacher but anyone would be welcome to learn together.

"White Rabbit" Form:

  • Native Speaker: English
  • Wants to Learn: Korean (preferably for now) and Russian
  • Can Speak A Little: Korean and Russian
  • Country: USA
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18

Aug 13

Things To Know!


If you want people to contact you, you first have to have it available. When you first make your account the Message is automatically enabled for you. You don’t have to use Message or any of them. You can also use them all. You can choose to use Anonymous but you also have to enable it because it’s not automatic. If you don’t have any of the 3 enabled then the only way to talk to you is by replying to a post or reblogging it but if your blog has a design where you can’t find the buttons… -shrugs-

{If you couldn’t guess, yes, I’m tired of all this “reblog if…” followed by no one EVER actually talking with each other! I absolutely HATE how insanely hypocritical this site is and this is one of the worst parts. Most likely get flamed but I’m saying it!}

Message: You have to follow the person. You have to follow them for about 72hrs. Anonymous isn’t an option. Can reply, ignore or trash. When you reply it covers up the message so you can’t see it and disappears as soon as you answer.

Ask: Don’t have to follow to use. Can use Anonymous if enabled. Can’t send links. Can reply, ignore, trash and I don’t remember but I think you can also post ( that’s because mine only gives me the option to trash since the Yahoopocalypse). Very limited space. The message you reply to stays so you can see it while you answer but disappears as soon as you answer.

Submit: Don’t have to follow. Can use Anonymous if enabled, send links, reply, ignore, trash, post, and use the same tools you have on your Text posts. Same amount of space as Message. The message you reply to stays to you can see it while you answer and stays after you answer so you can remember what you both said.

Tags: You can add as many tags as you want to your posts but only the first 5 will be read by Tumblr. Choose wisely.

BONUS!: If you can’t actually find Ask or Submit on a persons blog and type it into the address bar. Example: “” on that line you would put the words ask or submit and then simply press enter. Yup. That simple! But it’s even simpler if you can find the actual buttons >.>

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